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Automatically Track Shipments

Receive updates on status changes and 'out for delivery' notifications.

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The Perfect Travel Companion



Flight Added to Calendar

Mon, Jun 10 at 3:00 PM

Reservation at The Cabana Cafe

Mon, Jun 1 at 8:45 PM ⋅ 4 people



Train Itinerary Added to Calendar

Mon, Aug 14 at 3:00 PM

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Streamlined Contacts List

Update your Contacts list with the most up‑to‑date information. Discover contact information buried in email signatures and remove duplicates.

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Powerful Email Management

Identify emails that require a response, create personalized alerts based on your own criteria, save upcoming plans to your calendar, and more.

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Email Attachments

Event Confirmations

Get tickets and reservation info from places like Fandango, OpenTable, and Ticketmaster right at your fingertips.

Travel Alerts for
Delays & Gate Changes

Be in the Know

Stay up‑to‑date with your network, schedule birthday wishes, and view top photos.


Message Attendees

Add Itineraries to Calendar

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View Bills & Receipts

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Merge contacts one‑by‑one

Add up to 5 contacts per month

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Add unlimited new contacts

Merge all duplicate contacts at once

Real-time flight and travel alerts

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All Premium features

Automated Salesforce data entry

Enterprise Security

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Catch All Contacts

Put contacts in their place, out of your email and into your Address Book! The average Catch All Contacts purchase adds 200+ vital contacts.

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