You Asked and We Listened. New Salesforce Features!

We’ve heard feedback from a lot of Business users, and as a result we are rolling out new features – starting today – to improve your ability to interact with Salesforce. The best part: you don’t need to do anything to upgrade if you already have a Business subscription. You’ll automatically start seeing the updates next time you log in. See below for a quick overview of what to expect.

Now you can:

  • Update an opportunity when logging a meeting
  • Log an activity when updating an opportunity
  • Create a new account and/or opportunity when adding a contact

We’ve also improved the experience by:…

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Want to be More Productive? Ditch These Habits

Originally from Entrepreneur

The habits you think are making you more productive could actually be dragging you down. Entrepreneur explores the ten things you do in your work week you should reconsider so can be more efficient.

We’ve explored a couple of these ideas such as scaling back on the number of times in a day you check your email and the myth of multitasking.

We strongly agree with all the suggestions of habits that should be broken— especially not taking breaks and eating lunch at your desk….

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Email Overload, Burnout, and 5 Tips for Avoiding It

Email is never-ending. The Mail app’s red notification dot climbs by the minute. There’s no way this is slowing down since everything is in your email account. Your travel itineraries, work conversations, personal plans, newsletters, and hidden in there is important, time sensitive information. We’re experiencing email overload.

Many studies have focused on email overload and its relationship to increased levels of stress and a loss of productivity. …

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The Psychology of Sales- Bridging Generations

The shift toward warmer weather is accompanied by promising signs of recovery from what has been a protracted economic downturn.

The labor market is improving, gas prices are dropping and we’ve been spared from a government shutdown or a major downgrade of the U.S. credit rating.

Traditionally, spring is the time of year sales professionals across industries analyze prospects, develop new marketing plans and angle for growth. …

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Spring into Action – 7 Ways to Travel Smart

The countdown’s begun to Spring Break, so make the most of your vacation by travelling safe and smart.

By Amy Myles (Freelance Writer)

Your Spring Break travel can be hassle-free, so kick back and relax with the following tips:

1. Have All Your Details at Your Fingertips

Everybody is frustrated by that one passenger frantically scrolling through emails at the checkout desk with a line building behind him. Nobody wants to admit that they left the tickets on the printer at work / in the study / in the cab….

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FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out is Real

Dear iPhone,

I love you. You’re there for me when I’m waiting for my latte and am trying to pass the time. You’re there when I need to text my coworker a quick question before a big meeting. I can reply to my boss’ email in record time with my VIP notifications for her emails. How many steps did I walk today? You told me that, too, and I’m forever grateful.

But I’m starting to feel like this relationship is hurting me a bit, and I’m turning into the jealous girlfriend. I have to check you all the time because of this crazy FOMO you’ve given me. …

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6 Quick Tips to Spring Clean Your Digital Life

By Amy Myles (Freelance Writer) It’s never been easier to get your digital life in order, so get yourself organized for spring. As winter becomes an ever more distant memory (well, at least here on the west coast) and shorter nights and longer days are here, it’s time for a spring clean. In a digital…

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