Do It of the Week: Text When I Leave

Need a safe, no-hassle way to let people know when you’re driving home from work or are on your way out to pick them up? This week’s Do It, Text When I Leave, has got you covered. When you leave a specified destination, EasilyDo will send a personal text (either automatically or with one tap) to notify someone you’re on the move.

Here are a couple ways you can use this Do It:

    1. Be helpful! Set up the text to say, “On my way home. Need me to pick up anything?”

  1. Be spontaneous! Write an “I love you” note to someone special everyday.
  2. Be informative! It’s nice to let the person waiting at home know you’ll be strolling in soon. Be on the safe side, the least you can do is say, “I’m on my way.”
  • brad

    Does this work on the Android version?

  • EasilyDo

    Hey Brad- yes, for now only on iOS and not on Android, but we will bring support for this Do It to Android in the future. Thanks so much for your patience in the meantime!

  • Alf Lee

    Hi, I really like this feature but how do I set this up to automatically send the text rather than have me okay it first? (I cycle and fumbling with the phone when I ride is a bit dangerous.)

    • EasilyDo

      Hey Alf! You can select the option to auto-send at the bottom of the preference screen for Text When I Leave. Check the box for ‘Auto-send text from EasilyDo’s number’ and the text will send on it’s own— no hands needed! Please not the text will not be sent from your cell phone number, but from a number generated from our side (we pay for this service and the only way to do send automatically is through a separate number).

      • Alf Lee

        Hi EasilyDo,
        I’m afraid I can’t see the option in my Text When I Leave preferences. Would it be because I only have the free app?
        Thanks, Alf