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Say Goodbye to Salesforce Data Entry with EasilyDo Business

Upgrade to Business

Discover New Contacts

Discover from email customer or prospect contact information

Update Existing Contacts

Automatically update customer contact information

Log Emails to Salesforce

Automatically log customer emails to Salesforce

Evernote Business Card Scanner

Scan business cards with Evernote and import contacts to Salesforce

Evernote Meeting Notes

Find and log Evernote meeting notes to Salesforce

Meeting Notes Reminders

Get reminders to log notes after your calendar meetings

Upload Files to Salesforce

Upload files from Dropbox, Box or email attachments

Update Opportunities

Get reminders to update important opportunities

Never Lose Track of Key Relationships

Updating customer contact info is tedious and time consuming, but essential. EasilyDo can search email dialogue to find contact information for existing customers or new prospects. It will also automatically log emails for any individual listed in Salesforce.

Let Evernote Power Salesforce

Lots of sales professionals take notes in Evernote that never get transferred to their CRM. EasilyDo can discover notes in Evernote that are related to Salesforce objects and automatically log them. EasilyDo also offers to add scanned business cards as leads or contacts.

Keep Opportunities Updated in Real-time

Always waiting until the end of the week (or month) to log activities? EasilyDo will remind you to log notes right after your meeting and never let you forget an active opportunity.

Put Files in their Place

Key customer documents can get lost in a variety of locations. EasilyDo can discover customer files in Box, Dropbox or email attachments and upload them to the appropriate Salesforce object so your team always has access to the right files.

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Whether you’re using EasilyDo to manage your personal life or are ready to share EasilyDo with your sales team, there’s a plan just right for you.

Email management

Manage contacts

Calendar details

Directions and commute


Event tickets and reservations

Bills and receipts

Automatically add contacts

On-demand contacts backup

Merge all duplicate contact info at once

Email alerts in real-time

Automatically forward receipts

Travel alerts for delays and updates

Executive support

Discover new contacts and leads for Salesforce

Log emails to Salesforce

Evernote business card scanning

Upload files to Salesforce

Update Salesforce opportunities

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