Manage Your Calendar With EasilyDo

Grant Access to Your Calendars

Connect your personal and work calendars to EasilyDo.

Include Details in Your Events

The app will give you information about your upcoming events so you are more prepared than ever with attendee information, driving directions, and more.

Be More Prepared

Get to your meeting on time and prepared!

Connect Your Calendar to EasilyDo for These Benefits & More:

See your next few meetings at a glance.
Don’t stress about missing or forgetting meetings and appointments. See the next two events coming up in your feed with distinctions between personal and work commitments. Tap ‘more’ to see past the next two appointments and further into your day or week.

Get time-to-leave alerts. Traffic conditions can change at the drop of a hat. EasilyDo will send you an alert that it’s time to leave for your next appointment based on current traffic conditions. Now you’ll never be surprised by how long it takes to get to your meeting and you can make a good first impression by being on-time.

View LinkedIn profiles for people you’re meeting with. Get the scoop on the person you are about to meet with by checking out their LinkedIn profile before you chat. From inside EasilyDo’s calendar information card, tap the attendees name, then access the ‘View LinkedIn Profile’ screen. From here, you can get a quick update on what they’ve been up to and their background so you can be sure to make a connection.

Have one-tap access to contact information for meeting attendees. Unfortunately, we’ve all run late for a meeting or needed to send a quick note to the person we are going to meet with. From the same calendar card, you can tap the person’s name you want to contact, then have quick access to their phone number, email address, and any other information you have stored for them in your Contacts.

View as many of as few calendars as you’d like. We know you have a lot of calendars connected to your device and you may not want to see all of them in EasilyDo. You are in total control and you can edit your calendar preferences so you see as much or as little from your phone’s Calendar as you’d like. Simply check the calendars you want to see and you’re good to go.

The number and type of calendars you can connect to EasilyDo is limitless. Have a Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and Exchange calendar? Perfect! Connect all of these calendars to EasilyDo so you can manage your day in the most effective manner. There’s also no limit to the number of calendars you can connect to EasilyDo. Add as many as will be helpful for you and EasilyDo will give you all the information you want.

Add travel itineraries to the appropriate calendar. Traveling can be stressful and EasilyDo can help relieve this stress in so many ways. One is by adding travel information to your calendar. Now when you receive an email confirmations about your hotel, flight, dinner reservation, tickets, rental car and more, EasilyDo can add the information to the appropriate calendar for you.

Dial-in to conference calls in one tap. We know you’re busy and are probably taking some phone calls while you’re driving or in otherwise hurried or busy situations. With EasilyDo, you can tap on the conference call information within the event details and EasilyDo will automatically dial the number plus the passcode so you can get to the call quicker than ever.

Get directions when you want them. When you enter an address into your calendar event, EasilyDo will locate that address and offer to give you directions whenever you need them. Since you can also set your map preference for directions, tapping on the address from within EasilyDo will send you straight to your preferred app for directions.