Last updated: Jan 2017

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA) EasilyDo is constantly growing and always looking for top talent. Check out our available positions below and shoot us an email on why you are the perfect candidate!

Data Analyst

Full-Time Position

San Jose, CA

Data Science

You will be responsible for extracting signal out of the noise, to help us understand purchase and travel behavior among people in the United States and around the world. You will be responsible for anticipating questions that could be answered with our dataset and helping build tools to answer those questions. You will be in touch with our data savvy customers to guide their analysis and advocate for their needs internally. As an early member of the data team, you will play a crucial role in the company and will have a voice in guiding our data strategy and technologies.

You are skilled at working through problems with statistically sound thinking. You are familiar with sampling statistics and understand the decomposition of errors and biases. You are a skilled project leader with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple overlapping projects. You are an excellent communicator and effectively guide our customers to make sense of data that might be outside their domain.

As part of the data science team, this role reports to the Vice President, Data Science.

What we want from you:

  • Excellent written and oral communicator
  • Ability to write quality code for data management and analysis (r, python, ..)
  • Proficient in extracting data from varied data stores (t-sql, spark, ..)
  • 1+ years of data analysis experience
  • Excited by a high learning curve

What you get from us:

  • Be at the frontier of uncovering answers that have never been unearthed
  • Highly competitive salary and benefits
  • Stock option grants pre-IPO at a company backed by top investors
  • Take unlimited, responsible vacation
  • Great office location in San Jose, CA
  • Opportunity for professional development (conferences, peer reviewed papers)

About Us:

EasilyDo provides intelligent email solutions for users and email intelligence for businesses. The largest most valuable and most untapped data on earth is in mail; 3x larger than the worldwide web. Through our user base of over 1.5 million users, we empower investors, brands, and technology companies to understand trends in the marketplace and gain deep insights into consumer behavior patterns.

As a team, we’re collaborative, engaged, and committed to continually improving as we serve our mission. None of us are on an island-- we trust our teammates to lend a hand when we’re stuck and our egos take a backseat to figuring out the best approach to tackling problems. We’re energized by tough problems and are excited to know that a challenge ahead of us does not have a textbook solution. Finally, we’re always in a posture of learning-- there is a lot we do not know but that does not hold us back from making an attempt at solutions. We lead thorough blameless postmortems to become better analysts, scientists, and managers.

How to apply:

Send us your resume and include why you believe you'd be a good fit at EasilyDo in the body of your email.