Streamline Your Contacts List

Grant Access for Contacts

Give EasilyDo permission to access your device’s Contacts.

Take Advantage of Features

Turn on features like Merge Duplicate Contacts and Discover New Contacts so your Address Book is clean and up-to-date.

Sit Back & Relax

Sit back and relax as EasilyDo puts cards in your feed to start the cleaning process. Complete tasks in your own time for the neatest Contacts list you’ve ever had.

Connect Your Contacts To EasilyDo for These Benefits & More:

Merge your duplicate contacts. Our contacts build up over time and suddenly end up with 4 contact entries for the same colleague. It can take time to run through all those entries just to find the email address you need for a quick touch base. With EasilyDo, we’ll recognize that those entries are all the same people and will consolidate them into one complete entry.

Merge contacts from an unlimited number of sources. Have a Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and Exchange Contacts list? Perfect. EasilyDo can merge contacts from within each Contacts list so you can keep each separate and clean.

Add new contact information for existing contacts. Using Discover New Contacts, you can also add information for contacts that already exist in your Address Book. We know we have our friends’ phone numbers, but in a lof of cases, we’re missing email addresses and other information that we should have in a centralized location. Use EasilyDo as a contact manager to keep all of this information together without having to manually search through email.

Always be alerted to emails from important contacts. Enter your boss, mother, or other important contact in the ‘from’ field for ‘Important Email’ Alerts and EasilyDo will let you know when you receive an email from that person. You can reply from directly within EasilyDo, or open up your favorite mail app to send a quick reply.

Add new contacts based on recent conversations. We’ll all meeting new people all the time over email and it’s time consuming to manually add that information. Connect an email account to EasilyDo and turn on Discover New Contacts and EasilyDo will pull out contact information that’s missing from your Address Book and offer to add it for you. Have a Premium account? Even better! EasilyDo can automatically add the new contacts for you with no effort on your part.

Never miss birthdays in your Contacts. Always remember upcoming birthdays for those in your Contacts list by turning on the Birthdays feature within the app. Schedule an email and EasilyDo will send on the recipient’s birthday. A little ‘happy birthday’ message can go a long way for a relationship.