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Connect your work and personal email accounts to EasilyDo.

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Sit back, relax and let EasilyDo find important emails, event invites, track packages, receipts, and more.

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Connect Your Email Accounts to EasilyDo For These Benefits & More:

Stop repeatedly checking for important emails. After you set up the ‘Important Email’ Alert feature, EasilyDo will check for new emails in your inbox to see if anything matches your specified criteria. Then, the app will send you a notification and let you respond to the important email from within EasilyDo.

You will have all your recent Email Attachments a click away. When you receive email attachments via email within the past 7 days, EasilyDo will collect them in a card in your feed. You can then view pictures, pdfs and more within the app.

All your receipts organized the way you like them! When you receive a digital receipt, EasilyDo will surface them and then you will have the option to keep a copy in your Inbox, send to an Evernote Notebook, or with Premium status, can auto-send the receipt to a specific email address.

Tracks your packages automatically. When you receive an email regarding a package shipment confirmation, EasilyDo will automatically track the package and send you notifications regarding its status. You can check the status of the package at any time from the EasilyDo feed.

Automagic Meeting Setup is a breeze. We send so many emails setting up a time to meet or call, but EasilyDo can help! When you receive an email where you have conversationally finalized a meeting with someone, EasilyDo will offer to add a calendar event for it and, optionally, invite those involved.

Backup your important emails. You have cloud storage systems in place, now you just have to remember to backup important emails. EasilyDo saves you that extra step and can save a copy (and any attachments) to Dropbox, Evernote, and/ or Box.

Emails Needing Attention Never forget to respond to an important email that is in your inbox! When you receive an email that needs your attention for either a follow-up email or a reply, you’ll receive a card in your feed where you can quickly respond.

Have a cleaner email account. Our inboxes are so full of email and we spend too much time deleting and scrolling past emails we don’t plan to read. EasilyDo can help! When you receive a deal email, EasilyDo will file it into an EDO/ Deals folder and automatically delete it once the deal expires. When there are old calendar reminders in your inbox that are no longer relevant, EasilyDo will delete them automatically, too.

Get Bill Pay Reminders No more waking up in the middle of the night, worrying if you paid your credit card on time! When you receive an email about an upcoming bill, EasilyDo will offer to add a payment reminder to your Calendar or the Reminders app on iOS.

Be notified of job changes in your network. We all love to be in the know with what is happening to our network. When a LinkedIn connection has a new job, you’ll be notified so you can congratulate him or her. It’s that simple.

EasilyDo supports all Emails including: Gmail, Gmail Apps, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, iMap, AOL and more! Download EasilyDo now and get started on your time savings with Email.