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Hacking the age of context

15th-16th March 2013


Winners of EasilyDo Hackathon 2013!

Last weekend, we concluded EasilyDo Hackathon 2013. We were blown away by the talent and ingenuity showcased by the participants. Here is the full list of hackers and their hacks:

Grand Prize: ‘Smart Offers’

By Sriram Srinivasan

When I receive an American Express Smart Offer via email, offer to claim it. Show me the savings when I get my statement credit.

Second Prize: ‘School Violence Alert’

By Vivek Koppuru, Yesh Ramesh, and Dhruhin Kurli

When there are trending posts about a violent incident, alert me in EasilyDo.

Third Prize: ‘HashAct’

By Nik Kalyani

When there are tweets with a specific hashtag, perform an action on these tweets (e.g. collect photos into a photo stream, fulfill requests for more info).

People's Choice Award: ‘Smart Commute’

By Kishore Kasi and Vishwesh Pai

Everyday, let me know when the optimal time is to leave for work based on traffic. Also, when I am on my way to a meeting, let other attendees track my commute and ETA.

Best Social Hack (sponsored by Facebook): ‘School Violence Alert’

By Vivek Koppuru, Yesh Ramesh, and Dhruhin Kurli

Best Payment Hack (sponsored by American Express): ‘Smart Offers’

By Sriram Srinivasan

Best Commerce Hack (sponsored by Master Card): ‘Coupon It’

By Jay Zalowitz

Best Enterprise Hack (sponsored by Yammer): ‘Welcome the Newbie’

By Changneng Chen, Guibin Zhou, and Yuanhao Wu

Most Technically Challenging Hack (sponsored by Amazon): ‘Buck Saver’

By Jay Zalowitz

Other Awesome Entries:

Yang Shun Tay and Bang Hui Lim with ‘Social Broadcasting’ & ‘I Love U Baby’

The full list of hacks can be found here.

Once again, we thank you for your warm support and hope to see you again next year.

Posted on 22nd March, 4:46PM.

Thank you for your participation!

The EasilyDo Hackathon has come to a close with a bang! We were blown away by the many of the hacks and ideas! Thank you to all attendees for your warm participation. We will be uploading the list of winners for the hackathon here very soon. Keep a lookout!

Posted on 18th March, 10:35AM.

Submit your hacks!

Register your project at EasilyDo Hackathon's Hackerleague page by 4:00 pm today to be considered for the judging. Qualified entries will be announced shortly after and they will have a chance to present to the judges at 5:00 pm.

Posted on 16th March, 3:27PM.

Preparation Steps for the Hackathon

Here are some steps you can take to prepare yourself for the hackathon later:

  1. Download EasilyDo Smart Assistant from the iOS App Store and sign up for an account in the app.
  2. Visit the EasilyDo Builder page using a modern web browser.
    • Log in with your EasilyDo account by entering the same email address and password you used to create your EasilyDo account in the app.
  3. Bring an iOS device to the hackathon as you will need to use the EasilyDo iOS app to test your hacks.
  4. Read up on our partner API documentations if you want to build a hack that is eligible for sponsor prizes:

Posted on 15th March, 11:01 AM.

Last Day to Register!

It's the last day to register for EasilyDo Hackathon 2013! Register at our EventBrite page by 5:00 pm. Email hackathon@easilydo.com if you have any questions.

The venue for the hackathon is NestGSV, 425 Broadway St Redwood City, CA 94063.

Posted on 15th March, 8:03 AM.


What is EasilyDo

Unlike traditional productivity and social apps, EasilyDo is a smart, all-in-one assistant app that makes you more productive AND more connected. No to-do lists, no digging, no switching back and forth between apps. EasilyDo finds important everyday tasks and communications from your calendar, email, Facebook, etc. — and offers to take care of them for you right on the spot with one tap of the ‘Do It’ button. It’s that simple, and it’s free!

Dream it. Hack it. Do it! Hackathon

You are warmly invited to our "Dream it. Hack it. Do it! Hackathon" and contribute your ideas to our awesome repertoire of automated tasks. The hackathon entry should follow the paradigm of:

When event happens, offer to do action.


  • When I am not at home, offer to show me map directions to go home.

  • When I receive an event invitation on Facebook, offer to add it to my Google Calendar.

The sky's the limit. Get your creative juices flowing and hack the next coolest Do It the world has ever seen!

Where is it?

425 Broadway St Redwood City,
CA 94063


Friday, March 15th

20:00Welcome & Overview by EasilyDo CEO
20:30EasilyDo Architecture and Infrastructure Organization
21:00Sponsor Presentations
21:30Team forming and ideas pitching
22:30Hacking begins!

Saturday, March 16th

08:00Breakfast is served
08:30Hacking continues...
16:30Project submission
17:00Presentation, Demonstration and Judging
18:30Awards Presentation


What have we got?

We have an exciting lineup of prizes for you (and the list is ever-increasing)!

Overall Awards

Grand Prize
$3000 cash for the team.

Second Prize
$2000 cash for the team.

Third Prize
$1000 cash for the team.

People's Choice
$250 cash for the team.

Category Awards

Social (Sponsored by Facebook)
$500 cash for the team.

Payments (Sponsored by American Express)
$500 cash for the team.

Enterprise (Sponsored by Yammer)
A Surface Pro for the team.

Commerce (Sponsored by MasterCard)
$500 cash for the team.

Raffle Prizes

A $100 worth of hosting credits for Amazon Web Services will be given to each developer who submits a qualifying entry! Raffles and trivia rounds will be conducted. We will be giving out exciting prizes and more!


Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble is an American blogger, technical evangelist, and author. He is best known for his popular blog, Scobleizer, which came to prominence during his tenure as a technical evangelist at Microsoft. Scoble joined Microsoft in 2003, and although he often promoted Microsoft products like Tablet PCs and Windows Vista, he also frequently criticized his own employer and praised its competitors like Apple and Google. Scoble is the author of Naked Conversations, a book on how blogs are changing the way companies interact with customers, and is currently working on his new project building43 as an employee of Rackspace Hosting.


Grand Sponsors




Team Composition
Participants may work by themselves or in a team of up to three.

Fresh Code
You can use APIs, open source libraries and any hardware you like. However, there should not be any production code written before the official start of the hackathon.

Submission Requirements
The development tools, frameworks and application focus are entirely up to the participants but they must be able to integrate into EasilyDo's server (POST data and accept POST data)

Each entry will be given 2 minutes to present their finished product. After the 2 minutes are up, you will be asked to stop the demo and the judges may ask you questions.

Judging Criteria
Judges will base their decisions on:

  • Time Saved: How much time does it save the end user?
  • Innovation: How innovative is the idea?
  • Delight Factor: How delightful does the user feel after having it done?


How much do I have to pay to participate?
Nothing! This competition is absolutely FREE.

Who can participate?
We welcome coders and non-coders who have an interest in automating people’s lives to participate. You must be physically present at the venue of the hackathon to compete.

Do I need to have used EasilyDo before?
No, though it would help greatly if you have experienced how EasilyDo works and are familiar with the kinds of tasks it automates today.

What do I need to bring along with me?
A laptop computer, charger and an iOS device with EasilyDo installed. EasilyDo is available for download here. We will provide the rest.

Are teams allowed?
Yes, you may work in teams of up to 3 members.

What programming languages do I have to use for the hackathon?
Any language as long as your code can POST to our API endpoints and also be executed on a remote server. That being said, scripting languages are definitely encouraged. We provide example codes and docs for Python, PHP and Java.

For all other questions, please email hackathon@easilydo.com