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Add Unlimited Contacts

Add an unlimited number of new and/or updated contacts from your email to your Address Book with the option to auto-add contacts.

Merge Duplicates

Merge all your duplicate Contact entries at once. Your original contacts and Address Book are backed up and can be restored at any time.

Travel Alerts

Flight on time? No guessing or stress – get real time alerts for delays, cancellations, and gate changes quickly.

Intelligent Calendar

Proactive reminders to confirm upcoming meetings and add call-in information to the invite.

Advanced Cloud Storage

Automatically save documents to Dropbox — no manual updating needed.

More Powerful Email

Real-time processing for meetings, travel info, and other noteworthy emails. Set alerts for more important emails, and auto-forward receipts.

Executive Level Support

Friendly response to any question within hours. Help is there when you need it!

10% Off All Gift Cards

Save ten percent on every gift card you buy for your friends' birthdays.

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Only view the cards EasilyDo finds for you.

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Automatically add contacts

On-demand contacts backup

Merge all duplicate contact info at once

Email alerts in real-time

Automatically forward receipts

Travel alerts for delays and updates

Executive support

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Log emails to Salesforce

Evernote business card scanning

Upload files to Salesforce

Update Salesforce opportunities

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