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From the main feed, head to the Features page by tapping the gear icon.

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Scroll through the list of features and turn on those that look interesting to you. Give permissions as necessary.

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EasilyDo will get to work for you finding the things you care about based on your preferences. Complete tasks within the app in record time!

Here's How EasilyDo Makes You More Productive:

Save time by only seeing your most important emails. EasilyDo built several features to keep you on top of your ever increasing email inbox. First, Important Email Alerts allows you to set search criteria for emails you wouldn’t want to miss. For example, set up alerts to get emails sent from your boss or with ‘Urgent’ in the subject line. Also try Emails Needing Your Attention so you stay on top of those emails that actually need a response from you.

Have all the info you need before your next appointment. Use Upcoming Calendar Details to get all the information you need before you next event. EasilyDo will give you alerts when it’s time to leave for the event with directions in your preferred map app, plus you’ll get parking information, too. You can also check the LinkedIn profiles for people you are about to meet and quickly contact them from within the calendar details screen.

Maintain a clean and updated Contacts list. Not only can EasilyDo find new contacts for you using the Discover New Contacts feature, it can also get rid of email addresses that are no longer valid with Remove Invalid Email Addresses. With Discover New Contacts, EasilyDo keeps your Address Book up-to-date with recent email conversations. Not only will the app add new contacts, but it will update information for existing contacts as well. Remove Invalid Email Addresses will remove all the email accounts for people in your contacts that can no longer be used. Say, “goodbye!” to bounced emails!

Keep track of travel plans in one place. Travel is made easy with EasilyDo. It’s common to have your flight, hotel, car rental and other reservations for the same trip booked in different places. Now with EasilyDo, you can keep track of all of these reservations in one place. All the necessary information is shown in your feed and the information is also added to your calendar, too. On the day of your flight, you can also keep your boarding pass handy in EasilyDo, too.

Spend less time on social networks but still get all the info you need. Staying on top of everything happening in your social circle can be overwhelming, plus it can be a huge distraction to be on social networks. Always remember upcoming birthdays for those in your Contacts list by turning on the Birthdays feature within the app. Schedule an email and EasilyDo will send on the recipient’s birthday! A little ‘happy birthday’ message can go a long way for a relationship and you’ll spend less time trying to remember these important moments. You can also get alerts on important milestones your friends’ post so you don’t have to spend time searching for the most important updates.

EasilyDo merges contacts from an unlimited number of sources. Have a Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and Exchange Contacts list? Perfect. EasilyDo can merge contacts from within each Contacts list so you can keep each separate and clean. Just give EasilyDo access to your Contacts list and approve the merges in no time.

Keep track of upcoming bills and filed receipts. Whenever you get an email about an upcoming bill, EasilyDo can add the information to a calendar event or reminder so that you don’t forget to pay it on time. You can also have all your receipts filed for you and cards in your feed to allow you to view them whenever you please.