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Connect your work and personal emails to EasilyDo – any place you normally receive confirmations for travel plans.

Take Advantage Of Features

Head to the Features page and check out the Travel & Entertainment section. Turn on any features that would be helpful for you.

Sit Back & Get Organized

Check back in EasilyDo to see what itineraries and ticket info EasilyDo found for you!

Manage Your Travel with EasilyDo for These Benefits & More:

Have your boarding pass handy. Once you turn on the Boarding Passes feature, EasilyDo will check for online check-in emails for upcoming flights. This way, you don’t have to stress about searching for your boarding pass in your crowded inbox or trying to get your printer to do its job.

Keep your flight information organized. When you book a flight, EasilyDo will automatically add the itinerary to your Calendar with the flight number, airport information, passengers, and more important info. Optionally, you can share the itinerary via email so your fellow travelers can be just as organized as you are.

Hotel and rental car information in an easy to access place. As soon as you book your hotel and rental car EasilyDo gives you the quick option to add all the info you need to your calendar. Isn’t it great to have everything in one place? Once your flight has landed, EasilyDo will show you cards in your feed with all the information you need about your hotel and rental car. Once you pick up your rental card (with all the confirmation info you need right in your feed), you can get directions to the hotel using your preferred maps app in just one click. You don’t even have to enter an address!

Don’t be surprised by weather. When you’re away from home, it’s easy to be surprised when the weather takes a turn. Be sure to have Forecast and Bad Weather Alerts turned on so you know whether or not to book that all day hike on a rainy day.

Have all ticket info handy for any shows you're seeing. With connections to Eventbrite, Fandango, Meetup, Ticketmaster, and more, you’ll always have quick access to your event information with the feature, Event Confirmations. All the ticket information will be added to your calendar, and in some cases, you’ll even have direct access to your actual ticket.

Get up-to-the-minute notifications with flight alerts. If you’re a Premium subscriber, you’ll get notifications about your flight even faster than the airlines themselves can send them. Be the first to know about a gate change, delay, cancellation and a variety of other important information.

Keep track of your restaurant reservations. Use OpenTable to make restaurant reservations? If so, EasilyDo has you covered. You’ll see a card in your feed with all the info you need for your reservation including quick access to directions.

Get fast track to priority boarding with Southwest Airlines. Southwest seems to fly everywhere and you can great a great deal, but it can sometimes be hard to get a good seat. If you’re a Premium EasilyDo subscriber, we’ll make it easy to get priority boarding for your flight with minimal effort. Twenty-four hours before your flight, EasilyDo will send you a notification telling you it’s time to check in for your trip. Tap the notification and you’ll go straight to Southwest’s check in page with all your information already filled out. Tap ‘Check In’ and you’re sure to get a good seat!

EasilyDo supports all Emails including: Gmail, Gmail Apps, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, iMap, AOL and more! Download EasilyDo now and get started on your time savings with Email.